We work hard to keep your data secure and to protect your privacy. We use the following strategies:

You can make yourself completely anonymous on our website. You can optionally provide your name which is displayed on your printable mood charts for your convenience when you go to your doctor appointments. You can also provide us with an email address. Your email address is ONLY used for helping you recover your password if you happen to forget it. Spamming is evil. We don't spam. Period. If you enter a fake email address, that's OK. Just don't forget your password. The bottom line is you are free to be completely anonymous.

The login pages and the account settings page on the site use industry standard SSL encryption technology. SSL encryption causes your browser's address bar to show a locked padlock icon on pages featuring encryption, and it also involves a third party certificate authority to confirm that our site is operated by Mood Tracker Web Media, LLC.

If you have any questions about our security methods, please contact us.