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Mood Tracker Features:

Graphical Mood Chart
The mood chart shows your daily mood level along with your hours of sleep and your medications. The chart can show a month, a quarter, or a year of information. View Sample Mood Chart

Public Forum
Our forum is unique because you can share your mood chart and medication records with others. Now you can give and take feedback with other forum members.

Medication Tracking
This helps you keep track of what meds you're taking now as well as what meds you've had in the past. Dosage amounts and dosage frequency are tracked too.

Support Alerts
With Support Alerts you can schedule text messages to be sent to a cell phone on a periodic basis to remind you to take your meds, or to notify a friend that you are having a manic episode. It also works with e-mail.

Connect with Your Caregiver
Because your mood chart and medication records are online, it's easy to give your caregiver access to it. Now your caregiver can take a more active role in your treatment.